THE massive incinerator under construction at Javelin Park on the M5 corridor is all of our concern, not just that of ‘the locals.’

Incineration discourages recycling; it is the bad, easy option, so representative of our wasteful world. 

The fuel for the incinerator has a huge carbon footprint. It is a fuel that doesn’t want to be burnt. It is damp or has parts that are only combustible at very high temperatures. It requires a large energy input to get a small amount of energy out.

Javelin Park will not even efficiently use the heat it produces. It will be one of the dirtiest-fuelled, least energy efficient power stations in the world.

It will surreptitiously bring on climate change by the con that it is ‘carbon equivalence.’ Methane that is not captured and powering generators at landfill sites will eventually leach out over decades. However, carbon into the atmosphere from incineration is instant. 

The way to replace landfill is not to go from burying to burning, but to efficient reuse, recycling and controlled effective minor combustion.

Mechanical and biological treatment centres, such as the R4C project, use the latest technology to keep our world more sustainable. We can get it right, but the forces of political power and greed don’t want us to.

The Javelin Park incinerator project stinks; don’t breathe the toxic lies of those who support it. Our future health is at stake here, in our county and surrounds. Contact your county councillor to let them know how you feel.