WELCOME to Cirencester all lively, active young people!  The wide pavements of the new market square are all yours.

You will not  be impeded by any slow, elderly or disabled citizens. The council has effectively banned us from the town centre by its draconian decision to eradicate all centre parking for the disabled. 

My sympathies are with Jill Aylmer, whose letter last week showed what wide-ranging damage has resulted from the new traffic system. I, too, used to consider Cirencester my ‘home’ town and I was able to use its shops regularly from  a parking space for the disabled in Cricklade Street and from the kerbside in the Market Place which gave me access to the markets.

There is no point in my coming to Cirencester now. If I really need to shop I drive to Cheltenham, where the council has wisely designated for disabled drivers a whole street  adjacent to The Promenade.

One wonders whether the current situation in Cirencester was created by ageism or simply stupidity.