RECENTLY I spent a few unpleasant minutes sitting in a traffic jam at the Cherry Tree crossroads en route to visit a relative in hospital. I started to daydream and began to wonder what happened to the congestion-easing left turning lane we were promised as part of the Kingshill North planning application. I distinctly remember it as it was the only reason I voted in favour of the application. 

However I was not the only one day dreaming, in fact some people must have actually been asleep so slow were they in reacting to the green light that as few as four cars got across the junction before the lights changed back.

In my musings there was a Eureka moment, you see I was recently driven across Wiltshire, and there on the sharp bends were neat black and white chevron signs indicating which way the road turns. However, by contrast on the A429 North of Cirencester there are no chevrons except on roundabouts. There is lots of police tape and holes in hedges to indicate where motorists have failed to get round said bends.

And lets face it, as your average 80 year old in a bald-tyred Austin 1100 could get round those bends at 60mph on a wet day it does suggest that some of these people are actually exceeding the speed limit when they fail to take these bends in their German-built Wundercars.  

So any chance of the turning lane we were promised or some chevrons on the A429 anyone? I’m not holding my breath.