WE ARE the Gloucestershire Badger Defenders - a 300 strong group dedicated to saving our badgers from unnecessary slaughter. We have read the science, we have read the reports. We know that this cull is a pointless exercise deigned to keep the farmers quiet.

All over the county in many places including the Forthampton Estate and Hartpury College, badgers are being illegally murdered by criminals with impunity. It has been brought to the attention of the police who are powerless to act. We are not.

We have surveyed the sets and will be there when they try to shoot. We have liaised with rescue centers - and have volunteers with many years of experience to deal with any wounded or orphaned animals we find. We encompass all classes, all ages, and will use all forms of legal direct action possible to stop this pointless brutality.

Farmers have long said they are guardians of the countryside. If they aren't up to the job anymore: we are.