These photos show a US Air Force B-1B Lancer aircraft receiving fuel from a KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft assigned to the 100th Air Refueling Wing during a Bomber Task Force mission off the Scottish coast on Monday.

Last month the 100th Air Refueling Wing were spotted at RAF Fairford where they were taking part in an agile combat employment exercise know as BALTIC TRIDENT.

Strategic bomber missions familiarize aircrew with air bases and operations in different geographic combatant commands’ areas of operation.

The B-1 departed from Orland Air Station, Norway, before overflying the Aegean Sea. The bomber will return to Dyess AFB upon completion of the mission.

“Our commitment to regional peace and stability is unwavering,” said Gen. Jeff Harrigian, commander NATO Allied Air Command and U.S. Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa. “Missions like this are just one example of NATO’s ready, lethal force that can respond to any global threat at a moment’s notice.”