SHOPPERS have been heading to the region's supermarkets in droves to stock up on essentials to see out some of the coldest and most extreme conditions the UK has seen in years.

The high demand has seen stores struggling to keep up with demand, with reserves of some items are looking a bit thin on the ground, particularly bread, milk and bananas.

Reporters Sam Krayem-Wood and Paul Joannu popped into Tesco in Tetbury this afternoon, only to find some of the aisles practically bare, pictured here. 

Other stores around across the region are also struggling to keep up with demand.

We asked all the major supermarkets to let us know how they're getting on, this is what some of them told us:

Morrisons: "All of our stores are open thanks to our colleagues who've gone above and beyond to serve customers, although clearly there are a few local issues with stock levels. We're working on this."

Asda: “Despite the weather creating some pretty difficult conditions, our colleagues are working hard to get deliveries through and keep our shelves stocked for our customers.”

Aldi: "Aldi's store in Southmead, South Gloucestershire is the only Aldi branch currently closed.

"This in the interests of customer and employee safety, not a stock issue.

“Some of our stores have experienced significantly increased demand as we help customers prepare for severe weather conditions.

"As a result, they are experiencing a temporary shortage of a small number of products. We are working hard with our suppliers to keep disruption to a minimum and ensure customers can get everything they need from our stores.”

The Co-op: “We are closely monitoring the weather. Many of our colleagues live close to their store and decisions are being taken locally to ensure their safety and security which is our number one priority.

“Our stores have experienced high demand as shoppers walk to their nearest stores, and we have experienced some localised disruption. We are restocking stores as a priority but only when safe to send our drivers out.”

The only Co-op store currently closed is the Stroud Road branch in Tuffley, Gloucester. All other stores are currently open. 

Sainsbury's: "The safety of our colleagues is our priority.  As you would expect, decisions on whether to keep our stores open is being taken by managers at a local level.

"In terms of stock levels, supply is good and essentials like bread and milk are still available - we’ve been closely monitoring the weather and adjusting stock levels accordingly."

A Waitrose spokesman said that the company's stores will be closing early this evening.

He added: "Our teams across the region are working really hard to keep our stores open as long as possible and the vast majority of our branches are open, however we have to put the safety and wellbeing of our partners and customers first so a handful will be closing early tonight.

"We are closely monitoring the weather situation."

Lidl: "With adverse weather conditions affecting much of the country, our teams have been working hard to maintain product availability. We are closely monitoring the situation and responding accordingly."

Hobbs House Bakery in Chipping Sodbury tweeted at 3.45pm today: "We are well and truly snowed in now at our bakery in Chipping Sodbury.

"Unfortunately we won’t be at Stroud Farmers Market tomorrow.

"There will be bread at our Nailsworth and Tetbury shops or at Kendrick Street Deli next week.

"This is the first time we have ever had to shut. Today has been treacherous and the safety of all our staff and customers is our main priority." 

How is stock holding out in your local shop?

Email with details.