GLOUCESTERSHIRE Police are asking the public to be aware of poor weather conditions which are set to cause disruption on the roads across the county from tomorrow.

The Met Office has advised that heavy snow will fall in the county today, from around lunchtime. 

A force spokesman said: "We are particularly asking the public not to be complacent if the weather appears good in the morning. 

"The anticipated snow will arrive around from midday together with strong winds and it is better to be prepared.

"Poor weather conditions lead to collisions on the county’s roads and the possibility of being stranded.

"If you don’t need to travel then our advice is to stay at home. 

"If you are expected at work perhaps speak to your employer and discuss alternative working arrangements such as leaving work at lunchtime or working from home for the day. 

"If you do need to travel please take precautions such as making sure you are well equipped with warm clothes, a blanket, food and drink plus a charged mobile phone." 

The current weather warning, until 2pm today, is yellow for snow.  After 2pm this changes to an amber warning for snow, ice and wind.

Top tips for keeping warm:

Wear layers – two or three thin layers keep you warmer than one thick layer.

Hot water bottles – snuggling up to a hottie helps keep chills at bay.

Hot drinks – we all love our cups of tea and sharing a cup of tea with an elderly or housebound neighbour is a good way to check up on them and make sure they are okay.

Cold weather can trigger symptoms of asthma – keep drugs and inhalers handy.

Block out draughts by keeping curtains drawn and doors shut.

And finally, keep moving around the house.  Sitting still makes you cold.