THE NUMBER of cars abandoned in Wiltshire has dramatically increased, according to new data.

According to new data obtained by, a grand total of 31,812 abandoned cars in the UK were removed by councils in 2016/2017.

The removal of these abandoned cars is costing the taxpayer money, as local authorities spend hundreds of thousands of pounds each year clearing the roads.

In Wiltshire, the amount of vehicles reported as abandoned has increased by 320 per cent in six years, with 509 reported in 2012/2013, compared to 2,137 in 2017/2018.

However, of those reported abandoned in 2017/2018, only 178 were removed by the council.

A Wiltshire Council spokesman, said: "The number of abandoned vehicles reported to us has risen over the past five years. In 2016/2017 only 674 were actually deemed abandoned and of these, 208 were ultimately scrapped.

"Ease of reporting on My Wiltshire and removal of the requirement to display tax discs has significantly contributed to the increase of reports.

"It costs around £90 to remove and dispose of an abandoned vehicle, however some of the scrap value is recovered.

"There are no locations where the number of vehicles abandoned is particularly high. However, we do receive more reports for the most populated areas of Wiltshire - including Salisbury, Trowbridge and Chippenham."

Monitoring editor at, Amanda Stretton, said: "The rising cost of fuel, car insurance and tax is overwhelming some motorists, causing some of them to ditch their vehicles when they break down.

"Sadly, one of the reasons so many drivers are abandoning their vehicles is due to the rising cost of owning a car, especially car insurance which is now £827 on average.

"Abandoned vehicles are an eye-sore and a nuisance. Drivers who suspect a car has been dumped in their area should use to contact their local council, who will get in touch with the owner, or remove it."