FARMOR’S School in Fairford have been busy designing hares which will be auctioned off at a later date as part of the Cotswolds Hare Trail.

Art teacher and hare enthusiast Jo Dawson is creating two five foot tall hares for the trail.

A total of 14 students from year eight through to sixth form have been involved creating hares themed on various different things such as the RAF Tattoo, RAF Hareford, cricket hares, countryside hares and a hare dressed as a farmer called ‘Tally Hare’.

The hares are on display in the reception area at the school before they go off to be sponsored and placed on the Hare Trail which kicks off on May 22 and runs through till September 9.

Jo Dawson, who’s been teaching at Farmor’s for 16 years said: “Becoming part of the Hare Trail really is a dream come true for me.

“I have visited the trail with my family each year it has ran and marvelled at the designs I have previously seen.”

There have already been plenty of other Hares popping up ahead of the trail.

Local artists Phillip Kingsbury and Anita Saunders are already putting in strong ground work on their designs.

The trail aims to promote higher awareness in public art and provide a feel good event for local communities.

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