A SIDDINGTON grand-mother who was upset after seeing photos of herself on ITV's Lorraine show last year, was spurred on to lose four stone in weight.

Susanna Lavender-Whitcher, 61, took part in a Lorraine Mother's Day special in 2017 with her daughter, Sarah-Jayne, her 97 year old mother in law, Sandra, and her one year old grand-daughter Evelina.

On returning home, she saw photos taken on the day and realised that an injury had resulted in her becoming more overweight than she would have liked.

"I loved meeting Lorraine and felt a million dollars that day," Susanna explained. "But when I saw the pictures I couldn't bring myself to watch the show back.

"It took seeing myself on TV to realise that I was overweight."

Susanna quickly lost four stone using the Cambridge weight plan and was able to resume teaching yoga. "I feel like I can lead a normal life now. My daughter was also inspired to lose baby weight.

"I was in pain because of a shoulder injury and was eating as a comfort. I feel so much healthier now, not just physically but also emotionally. When we wrap ourselves in the comfort of emotional eating it is a vicious circle."

Susanna has enjoyed buying new clothes for her new figure and has a renewed confidence.

One year on, Susanna has a lot to thank Lorraine for. "Being on the show gave me my life back," she said.