THE Cirencester Minor Injuries Unit received a huge helping hand from Tugwell Contracting over the weekend who helped them clear the snow.

'Storm Emma' caused mayhem throughout the country over the past week and ambulances were struggling to commute to and from the Minor Injuries Unit but Adrian Tugwell and his three year old son Noah came to the rescue with their tractor to plough through the snow and clear the way for the ambulances.

Emergency Nurse Practitioner from the Unit, Jess Curd, described Adrian as a "true ice hero to the NHS" but the Agricultural Contractor felt he just did what anyone else would have done who had his resources.

"Jess' sister is a friend of my wife so she contacted me to see if I could help so I went down on Saturday," said Adrian. "It's just something you do instinctively. I was surprised the highways authorities didn't do anything because surely hospitals should be priority.

"The Minor Injuries Unit have fixed me up before so I felt like I owed them. My son has also always wanted to come in the Tractor with me, he loves it so it was something nice for him as well."

Tugwell Contracting, based on Tetbury Road near Cirencester, were out helping the community throughout Storm Emma's stint and it wasn't just the hospital that benefitted.

"We cleared roads in Cirencester, Minchinhampton and Dursley as well because a lot of them weren't gritted. There were a lot of local farmers helping to clear the roads as well but again its just what anyone would do."