COTSWOLD District Council's (CDC) decision to reject planning permission from for a new development on popular Greenfield sight the 'Humpty Dumps' near Cirencester has been upheld by the planning inspectorate.

The planning application was initially refused was refused under delegated powers, in consultation with the relevant ward member, Councillor Mark Harris back in April 2017.

The developer, Piper Ventures Ltd, subsequently appealed in the hope the decision will be overturned but planning inspector Mrs R C Kirby concluded in her decision letter, dated March 1 2018, that the appeal proposal was not sustainable because it represented a 'significant encroachment of built development into a pleasant and distinctive landscape' and would 'significantly erode the landscaped setting of the town.'

She went on to say: "the harm that would be caused to the landscape character of the area and the setting of Cirencester would be significant, would conflict with the development plan and the role of environmental sustainability.

The benefits associated with the proposal would not either individually or cumulatively outweigh this harm."

Cllr Mark MacKenzie-Charrington, the Cabinet Member for Planning at CDC, was pleased with the decision. "This is great news - the Planning Inspector recognised the strength of our argument at a time when there is often a presumption in favour of new development," he said.

"The Council’s Planning Officer and Landscape Officer involved in this case warrant a special mention; they provided very clear and robust evidence to the Inspector regarding the benefits of the proposals and the harm that would result from the development.

"Clearly the Inspector was persuaded by those arguments and subsequently dismissed the appeal.

Cllr Mark Harris, the CDC Member for Cirencester College Ward, added: "There were significant objections from the community when this planning application was submitted, and the relief when it was rejected turned to anxiety when the developer appealed.

"We are all very pleased that the Inspector has recognised the potential harm to the landscape and character of this lovely area, and I trust that future generations will continue to enjoy this much loved open space.