A Cirencester butcher has linked up with a bakery to ensure their products live on in the heart of the town.

When major traffic changes took place in Cirencester, family bakers AJ Whiddett found it impossible to keep their bakery open in the town's Cricklade Street, where they had run their second highly popular business for 35 years.

But now, family butchers Michael Hart, in Bishops Walk, adjoining Cricklade Street, has been re-organised to offer the public Whiddett's popular products both there, and at their butcher’s shop in Cricklade to ensure that in the weeks and months ahead they are able to offer a wide range of Whiddett's products.

Stuart Hart, Director of Michael Hart said: "We are delighted at the outcome.

"We felt it was so wrong that a renowned family business should have to close one of its shops because of traffic changes, resulting in the public losing their central location for Whiddett's excellent products.”

"The world of butchers is constantly changing, once upon a time the Sunday roast was key, today the range of products is enormous and continues to grow.

“For example, we have many customers who pop in for a hot take away lunch, shortly it will probably include a doughnut or lardie cake to meet the changing tastes of people who often eat on the move.

“We are grateful to Whiddett's for allowing us to be part of this changing world, so that we can meet all tastes and choices.”