DOUGIE, a four-year-old Boxer cross, has been saved after being left to slowly pass away in his home while the people he trusted to care for him carried on with their daily lives.

The Boxer cross was suffering extreme neglect with no access to food or water. He was not only acutely dehydrated and starved but also suffering from an untreated leg injury, which caused his leg to slowly rot away.

Rescued by the local RSPCA Inspector with only hours to spare Dougie arrived into the care of the Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home.

Amy Souster, animal welfare operations manager, said: “when Dougie arrived it was the was the saddest day for us but also our best Christmas gift because what we saw was a beautiful, incredible and unique dog who we were determined to help.

"Sadly, Dougie’s leg was so painful and so badly damaged our vets made the very difficult decision to amputate.

"Dougie has inspired us all with how quickly he has adapted to life with three legs and our team will now help and support him through the next few weeks as he slowly gains weight and mobility.”

The charity is appealing to the local community for help with the costs of the operation and Dougie’s on-going recovery. Amy said: “Every small donation really makes a difference to us being able to care for animals like Dougie.”

If you’d like to donate and support the work of the Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home, visit