DOZENS of Christmas concert goers showed up on the doorstep of a home after a festive event had to be relocated due to heavy snow.

After snow hit the Cotswolds on Sunday, December 10, the Concert of Carols and Music for Christmas, originally planned to be held in the Medieval church in Shorncote, near Cirencester, faced cancellation as a result of a blocked route and the loss of any money raised for the Church Conservation Trust.

But in a miraculous turn of events, the concert was relocated to Val Threlfall’s home in Ashton Keynes and a crowd of about 30 tackled the snow to support the event.

Val described the snowy day: “At 8.55am, we had a phone call to say the Concert of Carols and Music for Christmas to be held in the local Mediaeval Church at Shorncote in the afternoon had to be abandoned as the road to it was totally blocked.

“Was there any chance of moving it to our new. 'Music/dining/garden room? There was a resounding 'yes’.

“Three hours later, the room was decorated with a Christmas Tree, furniture moved out, every chair and stool we possessed put into service, kitchen cleared for refreshments and everyone was informed of the change of venue.”

At about noon, Val, like many in Ashton Keynes, experienced a power cut, leading to more difficulties hosting the concert. But she was undeterred.

She said: “Somehow more candles were found, underfloor heating acted like storage heater so at least we were warm. Punch was heated up on local gas stoves and transferred to flasks.

“The audience arrived driving in snow but somehow this all added to the fun and atmosphere. The four piece 'Harberts Consort' stood with their backs to the snow-covered garden. A memorable old fashioned Christmas picture.

“We fitted in 30 people that had managed to get here by foot.”

The remarkable turnout proved to be one of the happiest Christmas moments for Val as she explained how her first three Christmases in her new home has been "tinged with family sadness".

She said: “The day proved that when we all pull together, enjoy the moment and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, it can be so uplifting and joyful.

"Would it not be wonderful if this could happen in so many other parts of this muddled and confusing world?”