A 38-year-old man has been jailed for 12 years after a jury convicted him of assaulting and twice raping a young Cotswolds woman in his Gloucester home.

Przemyslaw Stojko, of Southgate Street, was also convicted of witness intimidation and told the 23-year-old woman to ring the police and change her story.

Stojko raped his victim twice - first between April 29 and May 12 this year and then again between June 16-19.

He physically assaulted her on June 16 and also tried to make her change her statement by threatening her with a knife between June 16-19.

During the trial the jury heard harrowing evidence about the woman's ordeal at the hands of Stojko, who is Polish.

Prosecutor David Maunder said: "This case may be a window into a world and style of life that we have no experience of and would not want to have."

He described the victim as a 'vulnerable young woman' who struggled with drug addiction and personal problems.

She comes from the Upper Rissington area of the Cotswolds but met Stojko when she went to Gloucester to buy cannabis from him, said Mr Maunder.

The woman stayed with him for a few days at Christmas before returning home. In February this year she showed her shocked mum some 'sexual images' of herself which had been posted onto her Facebook account.

The following month, said Mr Maunder, the woman returned to Gloucester and stayed with the defendant for about a month.

On April 6 she left home again to go to stay with him again and but did not come back and on May 11 the mum reported her missing.

When police went to the flat she emerged from the bedroom 'with two black eyes, thin and tearful.'

They saw that she had bruises to her arms, legs and face. They asked if her 'boyfriend' had hit her and she nodded.

"She said she'd had sex with the defendant but it was not always with her consent," Mr Maunder said.

"She was taken to hospital. She had bruising to both eyes, a swollen jaw, and multiple bruises.

"She said he had made sexual videos and taken photos of her which he had posted on Facebook," said Mr Maunder.

Stojko claimed the woman had come to him saying she wanted his help to stop her using crack cocaine and prostituting herself.

She had not taken drugs or alcohol on his premises because he kept her clean, he claimed.

On June 18 the woman texted her mum saying, 'Call the police and don't reply.'

When officers arrived at Stojko's flat they found the woman in 'markedly deteriorated' condition, said Mr Maunder.

"She was emaciated. She seemed traumatised. She later disclosed she had been assaulted and abused by the defendant on more than 10 occasions and raped several times. She confirmed he was controlling her and she was frightened."

Representing Stojko, Sarah Jenkins said: "I don't seek to mitigate this case by attacking the victim in any way, but there were unusual features of the relationship.

"It was by no means a healthy relationship, but it may be the case of two unhealthy personalities coming together.

For the two rape offences, Stojko received 11-year jail terms concurrent to each other, with a further six months prison concurrent for the common assault.

A further 12 months custody was imposed consecutively for the witness intimidation giving the total of 12 years imprisonment.