SOLAR panels could appear on schools, libraries and other public buildings across Gloucestershire.

Gloucestershire County Council has teamed up with green energy company BritishEco in a move it hopes will save the authority up to £6.5million in the next four years.

The partnership will see Solar Photovoltaic systems installed on the roofs of public sector buildings across Gloucestershire, including schools, libraries and council offices, with expectations that the panels could annually save up to £4,500 per building.

It would also reduce GCC's carbon emission by more than 9,000 tonnes a year.

Local jobs are also expected as a result of the move.

Solar systems placed on the roofs of libraries and schools will provide free electricity for lighting and computers, and money saved could be reinvested back into the school or service. Buildings taking part could get a share of the government’s feed in tariff too.

Chas Fellows, GCC's cabinet member for environment and economy, said it was a shrewd more in a time of economic hardship.

He added: "This scheme has the added benefit of producing green electricity and creating some local jobs.”

Up to 66 buildings will have an SV system installed this year with a wider roll-out planned over the next four years.

The partnership will also be available to other public sector organisations, including local authorities, NHS trusts and the emergency services.