DISGUSTED Cotswold residents have berated a social housing association for its "shameful" treatment of tenants and have called for its chief executive to be prosecuted.

Last week we reported the story of expectant mum Louise Robertson whose housing conditions had prompted health workers to write to the Bromford Group to say they were putting her health and that of her unborn baby at risk.

The story prompted a huge backlash from others critical of the housing association.

Commenting online, Cotswold district councillor David Broad compared the living conditions for Bromford residents to Soviet Russia in the 1950s.

He said Bromford’s chief executive Mick Kent should carry out community service and added:"If a private landlord did this they would be prosecuted, so why not Bromford?"

The Bromford CEO earns £180,731 a year – reportedly around £40,000 more than prime minister David Cameron - and is responsible for 27,000 homes across the Midlands and South West.

A Bromford spokesman defended the salary saying it was in line with other housing association leaders and said Mr Kent had created one of the most successful affordable housing providers.

They added that customer care was a top priority for Bromford and the organisation had high levels of customer satisfaction.

But Bromford tenant Allan Daniels, of St Michaels Road, said his house has been in a poor state for over a year.

The 27-year-old said when he moved to the Cirencester property in September 2010, it had mould patches, nails sticking out of the floor, cracks in the walls, and a door that was hanging off its hinges.

After Allan's story was featured in the Standard in January last year, Bromford plastered over the cracks and took out the nails.

But he said the plastering was poorly done and after just two months the cracks had come back. He said he still has a door that does not close properly and his heaters have been condemned by an independent inspector.

Allan, who suffers from severe epilepsy, said the stress of the situation was causing him to fit more frequently.

"In the last month I’ve had three fits. This is definitely making my condition worse," he said.

"Bromford have done nothing except for paint half of my door since I complained again in July this year. They haven’t replaced my heaters, they just told me not to use them."

He added: "The company is just money grabbing, that’s all they care about and it’s shameful."

A Bromford spokesman said they had no information to suggest Mr Daniels’ heating had been condemned and would arrange a full inspection of his house this week.

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