1967 Cotswold Water Park Joint Committee is founded, involving Cotswold District Council, North Wiltshire District Council, Wiltshire County Council and Gloucestershire County Council.

1969 Gloucestershire County Council purchases Keynes Country Park.

1996-1997 Cotswold Water Park Society is established and GCC leases assets including Keynes County Park to the organisation for peppercorn rents.

2002-2003 The Gateway Centre, the Cotswold Water Park visitor’s centre is built, but funding shortfalls damage the Society’s stability.

October 2003 GCC cabinet approves financial rescue plan for the society.

2005 Dennis Grant is appointed as CWPS interim chief executive and soon begins work on a financial recovery plan.

2006 The Society’s financial problems continue, and it announces it will default on payment of pension contributions.

2007 Discussions around leasing Keynes Country Park, and the agreement is signed in December.

May 2008 Shorncote resident Esmond Jenkins (later Cotswold District Councillor) complains that he believed there was a lack of due diligence in the KCP agreement.

April 2010 Dennis Grant and Nick Hanson are arrested on suspicion of theft, conspiracy to defraud, money laundering and false accounting.

June 2010 Dennis Grant admits defrauding the society of £661,000.

Sept 2010 Nick Hansen dies.

March 2011 The Cotswold Water Park Trust takes over the running of the Water Park.

July 2011 Dennis Grant is sentenced to four years and four months in prison.

Oct 2011 Graham Garbutt’s inquiry announced.