THE Cotswolds Big Cat has been spotted again.

Andrea Lawes of The Grove, Chelworth said she was in her kitchen at around 5pm on February 19 when she spotted a mysterious black creature walking across the field opposite behind her garden.

“I called for my husband and two other members of my family who were staying with us to come in and we all saw it,” she said.

“It was about 30 meters away from us, but we could quite clearly see it.

“It wasn’t enormous but it was certainly bigger than a usual cat and it didn’t walk like one either – it was quite a determined stride.

Mrs Lawes added the beast didn’t seem to be on the hunt.

“We’ve all got pets, and my neighbours have got chickens but it didn’t seem interested at all,” she said.

“My husband went off with his camera but by the time he got there it was too late.

“I’ve been a bit cynical about it before now to be honest, but having actually now seen it I’m much more convinced.”

Big Cat expert Frank Tunbridge, who has been cataloguing all the sightings of the fearsome felines, said he’d been getting an average of two reports a day of sightings in Gloucestershire in the past few months.

“In the winter months big cats seem to be seen nearer human habitats,” he said.

“I think this is because their natural prey are harder to find so they’re more likely to forage through bins and suchlike.”

He added anyone can report a big cat sighting to him by calling 07711 476 715