TWO police forces are set to team up to delve deeper into Cotswold Water Park.

In a tantalising statement released this week by a senior Gloucestershire police officer it was announced that that an independent review of Gloucestershire police’s investigation into the fraud at the Water Park had identified a number of additional issues to be investigated.

In November it was announced officers from City of London Police were to review the investigation by Gloucestershire police which led to the conviction of former Cotswold Water Park Society boss Dennis Grant.

Grant was jailed in July last year after admitting defrauding the society of more than £660,000, and is currently serving a four year, four month prison sentence.

Gloucestershire police Deputy Chief Constable Mick Matthews said the purpose of the review was to gain an impartial perspective on the investigation.

"The findings of that review have now been provided to us, and it has been recommended that we consider a number of additional issues," he said.

He added that it was decided to ask City of London Police to continue investigating these matters "to ensure an independent and transparent approach".

It is not believed that the results of the review by City of London Police have been seen by anyone apart from senior police officers.