OFFICERS from City of London Police are to carry out an independent review of Gloucestershire Police’s investigation into the Cotswold Water Park fraud.

The force has faced criticism that it failed to pursue accusations of fraud against former Cotswold Water Park Society chief executive Dennis Grant, who was jailed in July after admitting defrauding the society of more than £600,000.

Officers from the London-based force will examine how Gloucestershire Police conducted the investigation and investigate accusations that they failed to adequately perform their duties.

When the report was announced at the start of November, Gloucestershire Police Assistant Chief Constable Kevin Lambert said the review would provide an impartial perspective on the investigation.

"Following concerns raised by a member of the public, we have chosen to take this measure in order to offer reassurance and maintain the high level of confidence and trust the community have in their local police service,” he said.

"I welcome this development and have made it clear that the constabulary wish to fully co-operate and share issues that we feel may reasonably be examined by another investigative body."