SCORCHED earth and a scene of devastation greeted pupils from Ann Edwards Primary School in South Cerney when they returned from their half term break.

Headteacher Stephen Richardson and teaching staff donned chemical suits to meet pupils and parents as it appeared that over night aliens had landed on the school field, ripping goal posts from the ground, throwing benches across the field and burning the grass where their craft had come to a stop.

However, in this case appearances were deceptive and the elaborate set-up was all part of the school’s creative curriculum to kick-start pupils’ project into aliens and space.

Teaching assistant Ann Ford said: “The children had no idea what was planned. Staff came in at the weekend to prepare it. Even parents were asking if it was safe.”

Students spent the day carrying out investigations on the crash site, looking for evidence and Mr Richardson found an ominous note from the ‘aliens’ saiying that they would be back.