A DAMNING report has revealed Cotswold District Council had no idea it was responsible for health and safety at a tourist attraction where a teenage girl drowned last year.

The report was commissioned by Cotswold District Council chief executive David Neudegg last year following criticism of the authority's role in the handover of Cotswold Country Park and Beach to a private developer and the death of a 15-year-old girl at the lake in 2010.

It also scrutinised the authority's business dealings with the private developer and the Cotswold Water Park Society, whose chief executive was jailed this year following a £660,000 fraud.

Revelations in the report included:

• CDC did not know it was responsible for health and safety at Cotswold Country Park and Beach when 15-year-old Kajil Devi drowned in July last year.

• Council officers and councillors were not aware of the CWPS fraud before chief executive Dennis Grant's arrest in April 2010.

• Evidence from the investigation against Cllr Esmond Jenkins, who blew the whistle on Dennis Grant's fraud, has been passed to the body investigating whether Cllr Jenkins himself breached codes of conduct while investigating a series of Water Park concerns.

More follows.