IT was the Oxford City game all over again – one wind-assisted goal in the second half – and it is starting to baffle me.

The same formation and players created lots of chances at Redditch but nothing here.

We took one step forward at Redditch and this is another step backwards.

We look a completely different side when going behind. There was a distinct lack of energy, even though we had 43 minutes to get back in the game in the second half.

We went down with a whimper which is not acceptable.

I never mind us losing, even if we have defended badly, as long as we have a go but this was a case of rolling over and having our tummy tickled. To be beaten so tamely is getting under my skin.

Of course, it did not help having Andy Gunn sent off in the second half but that is no excuse. Again that was another baffling refereeing decision. Andy is not a cynical defender – some might say that is a fault of his – it was just a ‘coming together’, a tangle of legs. I don’t think the ref saw the incident but gave the foul because of the linesman.

But then to turn that into a second yellow without consulting the linesman was strange.

We have got to work harder to get back into games and react better. At the moment I am getting either 8/10 from my players or 3/10.

Things have not been working up front so I felt I had to release David Stone.

David Murphy (on loan from Reading) plays his last game for us against Weymouth on Tuesday night, so I have brought in Mitch Bryant from Supermarine.

He did not get the chance to show much when he came on as sub on Saturday but he is the type of player who could work for us, playing off the shoulder of the last man in a 4-3-3.

Centre back Callum Henry is also coming in on loan again from Forest Green after he plays in a reserve game for them on Wednesday. Dave Hockaday said Callum is free to play in the FA Cup for us at Supermarine on Saturday but I don’t think he will be available in time as the registration process for the FA Cup is longer.

I have also put in a seven-day approach for Nick Stanley who is not getting games at Oxford City, but I believe Supermarine are also showing an interest in him.

With Weymouth and Supermarine down at the bottom of the table with us, this is a huge week for all three clubs and obviously I will be chuffed to bits if we can get something out of the matches.