AN AWARD-WINNING instrument will be music to the ears to visitors of the Cotswold Water Park when it is unveiled later this month.

The Organ of Corti, is a sculpture and experimental instrument which 'recycles sound', which will be unveiled on August 15-17 near the Gateway Centre.

Named after the sensitive element in the inner ear that acts as the body’s microphone, the Organ of Corti takes noise from the surroundings and filters it through crystals which are designed to block certain frequencies of sound. Only the intricate musical notes get through which would otherwise have been drowned in the hubbub of normal everyday life.

The sculpture has been created by artisitic partnership Liminal and won the New Music Award 2010 for its imaginative approach to music.

Lesley Greene, In Our Element Arts consultant at the Cotswold Water Park Trust said: "The Trust is thrilled to be included in the national tour of this highly unusual sculpture award.

"We have had a strong relationship with Liminal since they collaborated on the Cotswold Water Park Masterplan and this project contributes to the development of ideas such as the Tranquillity Machine that the Water Park inspired".

The sculpture will be on show at the Cotswold Water Park from August 15-17.

For more information on the events surrounding the Organ of Corti and the development of the project visit