A MUM suffering from a brain tumour has spoken of her pride after her young daughter won the Fairford Young Citizen of the Year award.

Elina Alvin, 11, a former Fairford Primary School pupil was awarded the title at a Fairford Town Council meeting last week after councillors recognised her maturity in dealing with her sick mum.

Her mum, Jennie Fallon, told the Standard how Elina had gone through a difficult seven months but still remained committed to her school work and social activities.

Elina's difficulties began in December when her mum was told that a dormant brain tumour, first identified in 2004, had become malignant. She now undergoes regular chemotherapy and has needed two emergency operations.

"Elina has had such a tough year with me being so poorly but despite that, she has kept up her spirits and still been involved in all normal activities of children her age," Jennie told the Standard.

"She helps me out at home a lot which can’t be easy for her but she never complains, she is always so positive and self-motivated.

‘I was so immensely proud of her, she shines like a bright star."

Outside of school Elina, who will be attending Farmor’s School from September, enjoys being part of the local cricket club and Navy Training Corps. Mrs Fallon said Elina was over the moon to win the award and that it was the perfect way to end her time at primary school.

Elina said: "I am really honoured to win this award, I enjoy helping others and will continue to do that."

She added that she organises a lot of fundraising events at her school for good causes.

She was nominated for the award by Fairford Primary School headteacher Jane Sparling who said Elina showed a maturity and leadership beyond her years.

"I rarely encounter someone who sets such a good example to others as Elina," she added. "She has been an asset to the school.

"Her mature and positive attitude, her composure and thoughtfulness gains her the respect of her peers and adults alike.

"She has shown great resilience over a difficult year and I am certain she has a bright future ahead of her."