WE set ourselves up mindful that we wanted to be hard to beat. For a half hour Swindon had not really peppered our goal or opened us up and then, a bit like last year, we were undone by our own mistakes.

Someone did not track a runner and it led to the cross for the first goal.

Then there was a second mistake when we did not defend a free kick properly, although having said that the lads did not think it was a free kick in the first place.

I thought to be 2-0 down at half time was a little harsh on us.

Swindon looked sharp and came on strong in the second half. They have been away to a ten-day training camp in Italy after all so their greater fitness shone through in the second half and they did cause us some problems.

I couldn’t be critical of my lads at all; we knew we would not see a lot of the ball.

It wouldn’t be fair to make comparisons between Swindon and Cheltenham who we have also played because we took them on very early in their build up.

But I was impressed in Swindon’s togetherness; they all wanted to celebrate their goals. I don’t think they will lack for passion this season.

But I would expect their full backs to have to tuck in a little more and protect the centre backs when they play League opposition. They won’t have the luxury to go marauding forward like they did when they play better teams than us.

Jonathan Smith, who I know from his Forest Green Rovers days, says it is brilliant there. Simon Ferry told me it had been hard work but very interesting.

Paolo is good value – he made time for everybody and they all stayed behind to have some food.

I was chuffed with the way we handled our big day; I thought it was organised properly and we showed a professional attitude throughout.