"THIS is not over."

That was the impassioned plea from the Water Park community following the news that former chief executive of the Cotswold Water Park Society Dennis Grant is staring a prison sentence in the face after admitting six counts of fraud.

He was warned that a spell in prison was a near certainty but residents throughout the Water Park say that will not be the end of the matter and they remain determined to find out how he was allowed to get away with his criminal activities.

Esmond Jenkins, Cotswold district councillor for the Water Park, told the Standard : "This is a sad confirmation for those that voiced serious concerns about the dealings of the CWPS in recent times.

"Grant will lose his liberty but the real losers are the residents and taxpayers of the Water Park who have lost Keynes Country Park and the employees of the CWPT which has been plundered by Grant's criminal activities.

"The downfall of Grant was brought about by a campaign by local parishes, the local press and the courage of Tasha Flaherty of the CWPT. No credit goes to GCC or those involved in local government, most of all the Water Park Committee."

Somerford Keynes resident Terry Whelan watched in court as Grant entered his guilty plea.

"With Dennis Grant pleading guilty to committing fraud, we must now look again at all the business deals that he has been involved in," he said.

"As far as I'm concerned The Fat Lady is not singing. This is not over yet."

Grant admitted to pocketing nearly £700,000 meant for the benefit of the CWPS. The largest of his fraudulent activities came on July 22, 2008, when he arranged for £299,124.62 of Co-op funding, intended for CWPS, to be paid into his personal account.

Karen Mogridge, chairman of Somerford Keynes parish council, said there were still too many unanswered questions surrounding the crimes which may have come out at a trial.

"Local people have been campaigning to know what went on behind closed doors and we may not have that chance now there will be no trial," she said.

Matthew Millett, managing director of the Cotswold Water Park Trust said the organisation had moved on enormously since it uncovered Grant’s fraudulent activities and they were keen to put the episode behind them.