A HEAVY metal band in Cirencester who made a comeback last year after a one-off gig could have their success turned into a documentary.

Last month the Standard told how 1980s band Dealer was riding a new wave of success in Russia with a sell-out tour.

The band had gone their separate ways and had not performed together for some years when they were approached by Andy Brown, the owner of The Vaults, in Beeches Road, to star in a special concert.

Since that gig they have been inundated with requests including one from a film company who attended a garden party last week at The Vaults to see the band in action.

The band has also been asked to play with some heavyweight rock stars such as Ozzy Osbourne later this year.

Manager Chris Gentil has been with Dealer since they began and said the band was really excited about the documentary.

"We are in talks with a film company who want to do a reality documentary about our pioneering tour of Russia and all the subsequent interest in Dealer," he said.

"After 25 years in the wilderness, Dealer are amazed at all the publicity. The documentary team wanted to include filming our home gig at The Vaults.

"Also in the pipeline we have an offer of endorsements by a guitar company and a return trip to St Petersburg for two big shows supporting Ozzy Osbourne.

"We have also been invited to play at this year's Hard Rock Hell festival in December where we will be supporting original Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley."

Chris added that the Russian tour, which sparked the film company's interest, had surpassed every hope, dream and expectation.

"The fans are hardcore, welcoming the band as if they were long lost family members, singing every word of every song word-perfect and mobbing the guys in the streets.

"At times extra security staff was called upon to secure the bands safety – not through threat but shear enthusiasm."

For more information about Dealer go to myspace.com/dealeruk