THE town where Prince William did much of his growing up turned out in force to celebrate his wedding today.

Half-a-dozen street parties were organised, with the biggest drawing crowds to the town centre.

More than 500 people sat down to a feast in The Chipping at Tetbury while local dancers and singers put on a show.

There was even a dozen tiny Kates and Williams in wedding finery who took part in a children’s bride and groom contest.

Mayor Caroline Morgan missed seeing the wedding on television because she was organising dozens of tables for the party.

But she nipped home in time to catch the kiss on the balcony.

“It has been nice to see the different ages here. It is not just the people who saw them when they were young and knew Diana,” she said.

Deputy mayor Kevin Painter said the community had come together to celebrate the wedding of someone for whom the town had a special affection.

“That’s the nice thing about Tetbury. We never interfered in their growing up, but we always looked on him as a local lad.”

It was a community effort with local groups and businesses all chipping in. “The only thing we have had to pay for was the insurance.”

“There was enthusiasm right from the word go,” he said. “It has actually united the town. “ Resident Jean Williams, who brought her family along to see the fun, after watching the ceremony on TV at home, said: “The town looks great and everywhere you look there are people with smiles on their faces. It has been a lovely afternoon.”