TO HAVE the win snatched away in the 93rd minute was tough to take but at least it was an improvement on the Chesham game.

We played okay, given the gluepot conditions of the pitch.

I have no argument about the penalty that put them in front – their player just got the wrong side of Lyndon in the box.

We looked very anxious and lacked composure in the first half and we just asked them to calm down and relax at the break.

Within four minutes of the restart we were level and it was a good goal, too, from Hosky after one of the rare passing moves on that pitch.

At that point, we looked the only team that was going to win the game.

Unfortunately, Reidy got involved in something that had nothing to do with him and was rightly sent off for a stamp.

Even down to ten men, Jody put us back in front and that should have been game over. We should have been able to hold on to the ball and play out time.

I think they had everyone in the box at the end apart from their goalie – there were just too many bodies in there. The ball just landed straight on their scorer’s head.

We had time to make two passes after the restart and the ref blew up.