WHEN Jody appeared in the headband, I thought we were playing Rab C Nesbitt up front.

Fair play to Jody, he got a very nasty gash near the eye at Stourbridge on Saturday. We thought it needed stitches but they glued it at Gloucester Hospital and that is why he played with a bandage and headband for protection.

He never whinges and always does his best. What you see with Jody is what you get.

He just loves to score goals and the younger players at the club could learn a lot from him. He will be up there in the goal-scoring charts come the finish and I knew that would be the case at the start of the season.

We did tweak things around up front against Halesowen because Jody and Drakes were not spending enough time in the box. That seemed to work because four of our five goals were tap-ins.

Halesowen were not the worst team we have played in the league by any means. They play it around quite nicely in front of you, but lack a cutting edge.

We played well first half but put them under a lot more pressure in the second half.

My midfield looks comfortable and with Reidy back from suspension I now have a dilemma.

Justyn McKay has done exceptionally well in the last three or four weeks – he has a lot of good attributes – and I thought Woody was much better last night.

As for Zak Westlake, when he plays like that going forward he is the best full back in the club.

It’s a confidence thing with him. He has had a frustrating time with injuries in the last 18 months and just needs some more self belief.

As Bully is out for a month with a fractured rib, we felt we needed some experience in goal. Swindon Town’s Mark Scott was due to come but it seems he is going back to Supermarine on loan so we have brought in Alan Foster from Abingdon United.

He has been off injured and not playing games so we have him for as long as it takes to get Bully fit.

I was also delighted with Jamie Dunn when he came on for the injured Tom Etheridge. He gave the ball away in each of his first three touches and a lot of youngsters would have hid then, but the fact he got his act together and played with no fear speaks volumes for the kid.