CHELTENHAM were very sharp in the first half but they scored with their first shot and then we had a bad ten minutes when we lost our shape and discipline.

In those ten minutes, they scored a second and third, both of which were due to our mistakes.

We stood off them too much and let them play.

But it was Cheltenaham’s first team and they are full-time players after all.

We got into the lads at half-time and we battled our way back in the game. We were excellent and definitely won the second half.

It is only two weeks into pre-season and we are still learning about the new boys and them about us.

Marcus (Palmer) looks like he is enjoying it and could be a real asset. I am looking forward to trying him up front with Carl Brown, which will give us pace from all angles, but that will have to wait because Browner, who looked sharp and got a very good goal against Cheltenham, is on holiday for a week now.

Ben Gascoyne was asked to do a specific job, but he too was finding his feet in the second half.

Sean Wood, who is away on holiday, asked us to have a look at Terry Bohane and he has not missed a training session with us so he deserved his chance to play. We will continue to monitor him as he has an advantage in being a natural left footer.

Of the other absences, Neil Griffiths has not come to pre-season yet. He currently has child care issues as his missus now has to be a full-time carer and whether he can resolve these problems and come back remains to be seen.

It did look as if our physio Tim Grigg was going to move back to his first love, rugby and join Cinderord RFC but I believe he has moved on to become physio at Forest Green and we wish him well.

So Dunny is back on the bag for us this season. It means a lot of travelling for him but we are very grateful.