THE last man standing at Fortey House has now been evicted from his home.

Seven elderly residents in Northleach were last year forced to face the reality that they were to be re-located once their homes are demolished to make way for social housing.

The seven residents at Fortey House, Fortey Road, Northleach, were told in September that their homes were going to be knocked down in favour of two and three bedroom homes.

Last week pensioner John Kear became the last man to leave the building after living there alone for six weeks. Although he has been re-located to a bungalow on a nearby road, he said he still found it painful to leave.

"There is a lot of bitter feeling among the residents that we have been turfed out," he said.

"It still seems unfair and we feel victimised.’ Fosseway Living, which owns the flat, said the decision to build new homes on the site followed an independent review into the housing requirements in the Cotswolds. With only seven people living in the 12-bedroom accommodation, former town councillor Roy Mustoe said it was the right decision to meet the needs of the younger people in the town.

But Mr Kear, who lived at the residency for six years, added: "I did not want to leave, it still deeply upsets me. I made plenty of friends and worked hard on the gardens at Fortey House. What a waste.

‘I am grateful I have been found a lovely house but it won’t be the same. I could have moved to a big mansion but nothing will compare to the room I had at Fortey House and the friends I made there."

Annette Homer, head of housing services at Fosseway Living, said all former residents of Fortey House have been successfully re-located.

She said: "We aim to redevelop the site to provide a range of high quality, energy efficient housing. We are currently considering the best design approach prior to submitting a planning application.