A PICTURESQUE Cotswold village and backdrop to many Hollywood movies has been blighted by no parking signs that residents have described as "monstrosities".

Gloucestershire County Council highways, at the request of Cotswold District Council, has put up several eight-foot high "No Parking Signs" in Bibury so that traffic wardens can enforce restrictions.

The signs, on Church Road, state there should be no parking between the hours of 12pm-8pm.

But angry residents have said the plans will disrupt activities at the village hall and church, which are also located on Church Road.

Angela Alderton, chairman of the village hall committee, said the effect of no parking will be huge.

"Most meetings and activities take place during the day or start at 7pm," she said. "This is bang in the middle of the restrictions.

"People will have nowhere to park. It is beyond my comprehension why highways deemed these restrictions and necessary. They must have a very cavalier attitude."

A spokesman for CDC said yellow line restrictions had been in force in Bibury for some time but the authority was unable to issue parking tickets to anyone ignoring the lines until the signs were in place, detailing at what times the restrictions applied.

Steve Morton, church warden, said the yellow lines had been faded for years and it was "perverse" to enforce them in such a remote village.

"Villagers will be punished for something they have done for two decades," he said. "There is no sympathy or common sense from the council."

Kate Brown, clerk of Bibury Parish Council, said: "It is ironic that if any householder wants to make changes to their house, they have to obey very strict guidelines regarding colours, design and materials. Yet these unsightly signs have been put up. They are not in keeping with the area."

In July 2006, highway chiefs chose Bibury village for a no traffic signs trial which did away with unnecessary road signage.

The scheme also created two 'bunker-style features at the entrance ot the village which residents described as eyesores. They fought a two-year battle to have them removed.

Mrs Alderton added: "It feels like we win one battle and are immediately faced with another. These signs are monstrosities."

Gloucestershire Highways Jenny Watkins said the highways team will be meeting the parish council next week to hear the concerns.