A FIRST time bingo player from Moreton-in-Marsh won more than £18,000 just 40 minutes after he opened his internet account.

Darryl Howe, of East Street, set up the account out of boredom but when he shut his computer down that night he was oblivious to the fact that he was just about to bag the jackpot and possibly a world record.

"I bought the tickets online and the game hadn’t started by the time I switched the computer off," he said.

"I didn’t find out until two weeks later when William Hill rang me up," he added.

His 15 number full house came in just 23 calls and William Hill say this is possibly the faster ever 90-ball bingo game win, with the odds of this happening at 93billion to one.

"I guessed it was just beginners luck when I won," he said.

"I was totally gobsmacked when William Hill told me how extraordinary the game was and the odds of it happening."

Mr Howe, who works in garden maintenance, has spent some of his winnings on a work van but has not made any plans for the rest of his prize money.

A William Hill Bingo spokesman said: "None of our staff or customers with vast bingo playing experience have ever seen a game unfold as quickly as this one.

"We believe it is a record and are exploring the possibility of getting in the Guinness Book of World Records."