A NATIONAL campaign to ban Chinese Lanterns is gaining support in the Cotswolds.

The National Farmers’ Union is calling for the paper lanterns, which are set alight and launched at social occasions and gatherings.

The lanterns, which are made of wire and paper with a candle fastened in place which causes it to float upwards.

The Standard has received many supposed ‘UFO’ sightings over the years that are later reported to be Chinese Lanterns from a wedding or some other special event.

Chedworth Parish Council recently threw its weight behind the NFU campaign.

A spokesman said: "They may look charmingly romantic as they float up into the night sky – but when they land they can set fire to things like thatched rooves and straw bales.

"After burning up they leave behind a plate-sized ring of fine wire which can cripple and kill livestock and wild animals and cause damage to farm and garden machinery."