A NEW energy company offering simple and green tariffs has been launched in the Cotswolds.

Ovo Energy, based in the grounds of the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, was launched by two young entrepreneurs in September.

Owners Stephen Fitzpatrick and Kris Black, both 32, said the company aims to change the way in which customers view energy companies by being efficient and offering high levels of customer service.

They claim that with simplified tariffs and the greenest standard dual fuel tariff in the market, customers will get competitively-priced energy while doing their bit for the environment.

Neither have worked in the energy sector before but Stephen said their lack of experience was a distinct advantage.

"The energy industry is very complicated so when we first started we needed everything to be simplified. We had a blank canvas in front of us," he said.

"Now we can pass that on to our customers. There are no gimmicks in our company, it is all about great customer communication and taking them through what we offer one step at a time."

"We aim to do the little things well which will hopefully lead to big successes."

Stephen said they set up the business because they wanted to enter an industry that was relatively insulated from the present economic difficulties. He added that the energy market was one of the biggest in the world and offered plenty of room for expansion.

The pair decided to locate the business in the Cotswolds because of its central location. He said: "The accessibility of the area is fantastic, with good transport links to big cities.

"Also, the area is a beautiful place so it helps to build a happy work team."