THAT’S the first time this season that all three factions in the team – strikers, midfield and defence - have done their job on the same day.

And what a couple of goals by Carl Brown. The way he plucked the ball out of the sky for his first goal and finished it off in the same movement was a bit special.

If Torres had done that for Liverpool, we would have been watching it on Match of the Day for weeks.

Browner was so frustrated after the Abingdon game on Saturday that I asked Kevin Willetts, who knows him very well, to take him out for a heart to heart.

We also had a good long chat with all the lads before the game on Tuesday night.

We think we are a decent side and there has been a lot of frustration about why we are not burying teams.

But maybe we – and by that I mean the management team as well – were all getting a bit too intense.

We are on a good run after all – one defeat in ten. We didn’t beat Abingdon in the original tie on Saturday, but we kept a clean sheet.

It was end-of-season conditions, the grass was cut low, it was a rock hard pitch and neither team wanted to make a mistake.

Previously, we had drawn with Bedfont and on Saturday they put four past North Leigh. Maybe we were doing better than we thought.

We just asked them to go out, play and express themselves on Tuesday night.

It was good to see Reidy playing with a smile on his face again and it is no surprise that because he wasn’t getting wound up, he didn’t feel tired towards the end of the game.

You could see what the win and the manner of the victory meant to them.