NORTH Cotswold Community Radio (NCCR) has accused Ofcom of blocking its expansion plans.

NCCR, which currently broadcasts online at, wants to be an FM community radio station but Ofcom - the independent authority regulating Britain’s communications industry - has delayed awarding the station a community radio licence.

NCCR is now taking the matter to the parliamentary ombudsman.

Chairman, Robb Eden, said there was strong demand for a local radio service in the North Cotswolds.

“At a time when we have been struggling to maintain a service because of lack of funds, it seems cruel that our future plans have to be put on hold because of decision makers who know nothing about our area," he said.

Ofcom’s spokesman said it has to guarantee that any radio signals issued will not cause or be subject to interference.

He said: “This is achieved by welcoming applications from a whole region at a time so we can fairly and accurately allocate limited amount of airwaves.

“We expect a further licensing round in the future when this group, as any other, would be welcome to apply.”