MINDLESS vandals destroyed a clutch of swan eggs in Fairford and scattered the remains around a pond.

The nest of around six eggs was by Mill bridge in Mill Lane when it was attacked by yobs around May 22.

Residents reacted with fury when they saw the smashed up egg shells.

An 80-year-old man who wished to remain anonymous told the Standard: "This mindless offence was undoubtedly carried out by a gang of brainless hooligans who have no respect for anything."

Suzanne Jones, who runs Fairford Swan Aid, said this incident was not the first of its kind.

She said there were six eggs in the nest and three weeks into the sitting there was only one remaining.

"The swan nests have been vandalised in the past. I cannot understand the mentality of someone who would do this," she said.

"It is very sad because the parent swans put so much effort into looking after the eggs. She sits on them for five weeks. Now there are no eggs and she is moping around."