IT PROBABLY would have been a steal to get three points, but we certainly deserved a point, especially as I thought we had the clearer chances.

Tom Etheridge has hit two brilliant crosses, one which Griff could not steer towards goal and another that was whipped in so fast that Browney was not expecting it. And Matt Sysum had a free header in the first half that he should have done better with.

I thought the referee was brave to even start the game as the pitch was very firm and probably only saved by being so flat.

In the game itself, there was a lot of play in front of the defences but neither goalie really had to make a save in anger.

We had a team meeting about six weeks and we emphasised that they had to get their heads down, work harder and show greater intensity in the games.

It is coming together slowly and they are picking up how we want them to play. That is the fourth game in a row where I have been patting them on the back.

The 4-5-1 formation suits us and not simply for away games – it is not a defensive formation. Griff can play up front on his own, in fact he is the best in the league at it. He may not be big but he holds the ball up so well and he has dumped many a centre half on the seat of their pants.

Browney is not so good with his back to goal and, given his pace, it suits him much more to be attacking defences with the ball in front of him.

He has no concept of how to defend which is why he has picked up so many yellow cards, so we just ask him to fill a gap. When he learns a bit more about positional play he will be a helluva footballer.

Davo was still down with the flu but Tom Etheridge did a good job out wide on the left, and Rob Dean had his best game for us by a mile breaking up play in central midfield.

And despite Minno playing alongside two 18-year-olds and a 15-year-old, we looked a solid unit at the back.

Young Callum Preece has no fear and it is very refreshing but because of his age, he will be in and out of the side.

Tom King tells me that is only four clean sheets all season and two have come in the last three games. He has responded in the way I expected him to and is now 10 times the player he was when he had lost his confidence.

The character in the side is coming out with the better results and the task now is not to take a step backwards against Uxbridge on Saturday.

And we have Moly, Davo and Russ Courtney all back in the squad for that game.