OUR attacking play was phenomenal all game, but the defending was shocking, as it has been in the 11 weeks I have been here.

I have changed personnel in that time and tried different formations and it does not get any better. I don’t know what the answer is.

We were 3-0 down after 24 minutes and yet we gradually hauled ourselves back in the game in the second half to equalise in the 86th minute.

That would have felt like a victory but ten seconds from the kick off, there is no marking and we leave them with a one-on-one on Matt Sysum. Their lad falls over an outstretched foot and the ref gives a soft pen.

Prior to that, when we were 3-2 down, Carl Brown was about to tap the ball into an empty net when he was scythed down. The fact that pen wasn’t given was the worst decision I have seen in 30 years of football.

But the ref didn’t score those three goals in that ten-minute spell in the first half.

The opener came from their first effort on goal. We gave away an unnecessary free kick with a bad tackle on the halfway line and from that setpiece they were given a free header in the box.

The second came after we had been attacking from corner.

We got a penalty on the stroke of halftime and then in the second half we annihilated them, scoring two good goals.

There were plenty of goalmouth scrambles as well. Scott Griffin was just phenomenal up front.

A point would have been nothing more than we deserved and then to lose like that late on was cruel.

They hadn't got in our half in the second period until that penalty.