NO one likes to lose but it was the manner of our defeat that was disappointing.

We have conceded from two free headers in the six-yard box, both from set pieces.

And I don’t think we would have scored if we had stayed on the pitch until Sunday.

I think by 4.40pm I had learned a lot more about the players than I had in the previous games.

I have now seen two away performances which were weak and one at home which was okay.

We also had the useful exercise of seeing some of the fringe players (and a few triallists) turn out in the 3-0 friendly win against Longlevens in the week.

I’ve been here three weeks now and that’s enough to know the areas that need changing.

Today’s performance was not the type I expected given that they have a new manager and they should all be trying to impress.

Some players are too comfortable here because it is a well-run club and they are well looked after.

There won’t be wholesale changes, but we need something different and I am hoping that the new personnel we bring in this week will make the existing players sit up and respond.