WE should have been out of the game in the first half but for some brilliant goalkeeping. Tom King has made three great saves in the game and it must be tough for him to be playing behind that defence at the minute.

In the second half we changed the system and went to a back four as they were exploiting the gaps in a back three.

Andy Minturn was a victim of circumstance in the change as he was no worse than anyone else, but Adam Heath was just not lively enough so we put Matt Williams and Adam Mahdi on.

Then we started to wear them down and scored two good goals. Then seven seconds later it is 2-2.

We have brought players in this year who should be organised in defence. Three of them asked me how long there was to go and you just get ten men behind the ball and you see the game out for that final ten minutes.

It was schoolboy football to see no one getting a tackle in and seven passes later it is in the back of the net.

I keep saying it in this league but Abingdon had a lively front two in Beeches and Burton and I was with Jamie Brooks at Oxford. He is a very good player who has extreme pace.

I was told that at the back you could get at them and that showed in the second half when they panicked a bit.

Mattie Williams had a kick up the backside and was left out today but then he comes on at half-time and scores two goals. That is the perfect response and I was very pleased with him, while Adam gave us a bit more life in the second half.

We may have scored in every league game, but 11 goals against in five games tells its own story. We can’t keep shipping them like we are.

My defenders are not playing to their potential, although to be fair to Kes, I thought he did very well and used his pace when we went to a back four in the second half.

If he hadn’t tackled Burton twice in the second half, he would have been clean through again.

Thorney did well to play today as he hasn’t trained and is struggling with his back again.

I was frustrated that we kept making the wrong choices. When we should have stayed on our feet, we went to ground and when we should have gone for a tackle, we didn’t. When we should have played on the front foot, we didn’t. There were so many things wrong it was unbelievable.

We will be working very hard next week because the only way we are going anywhere is by stopping goals because two goals for us should be enough to win any game.

Herbert and Parker bossed the game for them in the first half though in the second half Matt Thorne and Nathan came out about even, and I was pleased with some of the football after the break.

Matt struggled in the first half to get near anybody, although he wasn’t alone.

In the second half, you could see the quality he has got on the ball at times and he was much better. He started working on the front foot and closing down. I think he is going to be a good acquisition.

Let’s remember, though, that we have only lost one game in the league. We have six points, although it should have been more.

When the first clean sheet comes along, generally a few more will follow.

We now have a massive test on Saturday with the rearranged game against Cinderford, who are a big physical team.