I am dismayed as a single person at the lack of friendly conversation in cafes, and public places not only in Cirencester but everywhere in the country.

People walk along the streets talking into mobile phones, in doctors waiting rooms, and even in banks and building societies. The exception to this is in churches and amongst friendly shopkeepers who are quite happy to spend some time talking to customers when not busy. Talking into phones with others near, especially in shops is ill mannered especially when being served!

The public now have no regard or respect to those on their own and you have to join a club or society to speak to one another. Even neighbours now longer invite those living near for a cup of tea and a chat as they once did before the invention of the internet and mobile phones. They are so wrapped up in their families they forget those without any. Covid is used as an excuse but that in my opinion is not the sole cause.

If this continues, as it will, then as a society we are lost.

The most valuable gift you can give someone is love, kindness and above all, your time!

Yours faithfully

Miss Charmaine Edwina Morley