IT'S never a dull moment for the nearby wildlife rescue centre as its latest rescue proves. 

Rescuers from RSPCA Oak and Furrows were called out to a property because an owl had got stuck in a chimney. 

After a lot of effort, the team were able to safely retrieve the bird and take it back to their centre at Blakehill Nature Reserve in Cricklade to be looked after. 

A spokesperson for the charitable organisation said: "Yesterday we received a call regarding an owl and a chimney.

"These types of rescues are never easy but we were able to safely retrieve what turned out to be a very sooty little owl!

"It's safe to say they were unimpressed with their situation, as anyone would be if they'd been trapped in a chimney, however, they are now safely in our care.

"We are in the process of carefully removing the soot from their feathers to reveal their beautiful chestnut and sandy plumage."

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