CIRENCESTER'S Ella Gibson has qualified for The World Games taking place next year. 

In a remarkable display of skill and determination, British Compound Archer Ella Gibson, aged 23, has recently qualified for The World Games 2025.

This significant achievement came during the 2024 European Archery Championships held in Essen, Germany last month.

Ella, who attended Deer Park School,  already renowned in Archery circles for her precision and consistency, added another accolade to her growing list by securing her spot in the 12th edition of The World Games to take place in Chengdu from August 7-17, 2025.

The European Archery Championships served as a critical qualifying event, and Gibson’s performance was nothing short of stellar.

(Image: Supplied)Throughout the Championships, Gibson demonstrated exceptional prowess with her Compound bow.

Her consistent high scores and calm demeanour under pressure were pivotal in her journey to qualification.

Competing against Europe’s elite archers, she showcased not only technical excellence, but also the mental fortitude necessary for success at the highest levels of the sport.

The European Archery Championships in Essen attracted top-tier talent, making Gibson’s achievement all the more significant.

Her ability to maintain composure and deliver peak performances in such a competitive environment underscores her status as one of the leading figures in compound archery.

Qualifying for The World Games is a testament to Gibson’s dedication and hard work. Compound archery is a non-Olympic sport, but The World Games is often described as the Olympics for non-Olympic sports. For Ella, it represents the highest pinnacle of competition available to her as a Compound Archer.

She said: “It is my Olympics,” she says.

“The World Games is the next closest thing for me, so I try and treat it as such, and hold it in high regard.”

For Ella, this qualification represents both a personal triumph and a milestone for British archery.

She hopes to defend her Birmingham (Alabama, USA) 2022 title, which she claimed by winning gold in the compound event.

As she prepares for The World Games 2025, Ella Gibson will undoubtedly continue to refine her skills and strategy, aiming to bring home a medal and further cement her legacy in the sport.

With her sights now set on The World Games, the archery community will be eagerly watching Ella Gibson’s journey, confident that she will make a significant impact on the world stage.