A 12-HOUR crochet-a-thon took place in Cirencester's Toro Lounge in support of men's mental health with charity Man Up. 

Cathy Hampton runs a crochet group every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday as well as visiting a care home every Friday where she teaches the residents and staff to crochet.

Over 15 came along throughout the day on Monday, June 10 to crochet and help to raise over £500

Ms Hampton said: "I’ve been running crochet groups to help those who suffer with their mental health for a few years.

(Image: Supplied) "Although we’ve had charity drives previously, we wanted to do something big to raise awareness for men’s mental health.

"We chose to do a 12 hour “crochet-a-thon” to raise money for the charity Man Up and through this start conversations around men’s mental health.

"We managed to raise over £550 over the course of the day, but the best part was meeting and speaking to men who run podcasts and radio shows, who have experienced mental health struggles in the past.

(Image: Supplied) "We had a great time with a core group of five of us who stayed for the whole 12 hours, while other members of the groups dropped in throughout the day.

"We’re proud to have achieved this and we will definitely be doing more like this in the future."